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The Target Asia Consulting team is a network of experienced business associates who have worked closely and harmoniously together for 20 years. This unique blend of international awareness combined with close local and regional networking skills, gives the client a competitive advantage by being faster and more focused through the implementation of effective strategies.

Our clients requirements are as unique as the diverse new markets in which they wish to operate or to improve their performance. We work closely with our clients to precisely understand their requirements and their goals.

Our services are aimed at helping foreign companies to quickly unlock the opportunities and benefits of doing business in the European, Asian and Indian sub-continent regions whilst minimizing lead times and risks.

Some of the companies for whom Target Asia Consulting have successfully carried out projects include:   Inditex S.A. (Hong Kong/Spain), BE Aerospace Inc. (USA), Venice Beach GmbH (Germany), Ubertino Srl (Italy), Textil Riba S.A. (Spain), Jack Wolfskin GmbH (Germany), Gotcha Inc. (U.S.A.), Miyuki Keori Ltd. (Japan), Davos (Switzerland), Pacific Trade Associates Ltd. (U.K.), MEW Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. (Singapore), China Red Limited (Hong Kong), Minova Limited (U.K.), Tomster Inc. (U.S.A.), Aram Inc. (S.Korea), Bizmode Limited (Singapore), KSA Technopak (India), Ashima Group (India), Dr.Böhme GmbH & Co KG (Germany), Böhme Limited (China).

Further international references can be supplied upon request.